12 years on the market
17 implementations
3 language versions
A cadre of 15 experts
Base of more than 100 risks
6 modules

smartGRC – which form is the best?

3 basic possibilities

Off-line analysis of results

When is it most useful?

Urgent need to obtain information about the status of authorizations in the SAP system

Diagnosis of the authorization status without installing the ‘next’ system

Limited budget

No own infrastructure


Shorter time to get results

No installation required

Less one-time cost

on premise

When is it most useful?

Frequent risk analysis of surplus allowances

Support of the certification

Wide Access Monitoring

Required periodic reviews


Improved return on investment

Lower costs in the long term

Independence from supplier

(AWS, Azure, GCP)

When is it most useful?

Lack of installation or infrastructure

No IT resources for database and web server management

Ad hoc application needs

Costs are less important


Use if you need

GRC as a SaaS service

Short installation time


Our knowledge and experience from SAP security projects is embedded in the DNA of the smartGRC application.

We have been auditing and advising clients in the area of SAP Security & Authorization for more than 12 years. Any good idea to solve a problem in these areas is automatically converted into a new functionality of the smartGRC product. Continuous work on projects with various GRC class solutions means that we understand their advantages and weaknesses, which we use effectively for the development of smartGRC.

Support in the management of entitlements free from segregation of duties risks (SoD).

Choose a support area that meets your current needs:

Periodic verification of permissions in SAP systems, and around the area with the help of domains using the XML format.

Access for SAP consultants and administrators under control and at the same time easy to audit.

Risk and liability separation database available at the time of installation of the software to eliminate risks faster.

Get the help of the best assistant for Security & Authorizations.

With the support of smartGRC, you can take your organisation to a higher level of security. Find out how to quickly achieve key goals for the security of your business. OUR CUSTOMERS