The smartGRC application was developed in 2010 and has since significantly reduce the effort required to work with excesive authorisations in over 20 companies in Poland.

Our GRC team of more than 20 people specialises in the authorisation and security area for ERP systems.

Our knowledge and experience allows us to continuously develop the smartGRC application to solve real project challenges.

The purchase of a smartGRC licence provides access to a knowledge repository (SoD separation of duties risk matrix) and premade solutions to challenges in the field of SAP authorisation.

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About the application

The smartGRC application was created as a response to the challange related to mass data processing in ERP systems (SAP) by users with segreagation of duties conflicts resulting from excessive authorisations.

Properly configured access authorization and user permissions can be an effective management solution to cyber security threats. Correctly adjusting user authorisations is not easy, however, as it requires deep understaning of the weaknesses of ERP class (SAP) systems.

These weaknesses create the risk of losing control over the accuracy, correctness and integrity of processed data in ERP (SAP) systems in the company.

The smartGRC application evens the odds for the company in this battle. It was designed with the goal of automating processes related to authorisation management in SAP systems in mind, and is currently being successfully used in other systems as well.

Main features


Expert and hands-on expirence with sap security and authorization area gathered during the realization of the largest GRC implementation projects in Poland as well in EU regions.

We have obatined in 2022 a “Recognized expertise” title in GRC area from SAP, which makes a right expert to consult in area of SAP security and authorizations domain.

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