Since 2010 we have completed 25+ SmartGRC implementation projects

Retail industry

The implementation of the 2023 ERP entitlement review project for a global retail company is an example of successful implementation of good practice in access management. The challenge was not only to select and implement a GRC tool, but also to guide the client through the complex process of privilege restructuring. By using the innovative smartGRC tool, it was not only possible to closely monitor the progress of the role restructuring and analyse the risks associated with excessive entitlements, but also to identify and eliminate unnecessary accesses. The project highlighted the importance of managing the risk of redundant entitlements and was successful in providing the company with a higher level of operational security.

FMCG industry

One of the first implementation was implemented in the early 2011-2014. It was the first implementation in which we had to coordinate work in three countries. For the needs of this project, the SmartGRC application “learned” to speak English, and the entire application interface has been adapted to work with many languages.

Chemical industry

First implementation in which the smartGRC application had to connect more than 10 different SAP system groups. The challenge here was the volume of data, which in 2013 far exceeded the possibilities of application. We had to rethink the mechanisms of data import and data processing.

Media and Communication industry

Support for more than 10 different SAP systems was no longer a problem for us in 2015, our client during this implementation tried to face new challenges – in this case, connecting 15 systems, not belonging to SAP, to carry out reviews of authorizations for several thousand users. The system for retrieving and processing data was re-invented – a universal parser and a method of data exchange via XML was created.

Retail Industry

One of our last implementations in 2022. In addition to implementing a GRC-class tool, the challenge was to provide our customers with a difficult and challenging project of retraining. GRC tools are designed for tasks where, after using smartGRC, we were able to keep track of the roll conversion project’s progress, i.e. analyse the number of risks in the certificates and monitor their reduction rate. The tool also showed us which redundant permissions were used by users and which ones can be withdrawn without consequences. We invite you to read it.

smartGRC is a professional tool useful for improving business process security

However, a tool alone is not enough! Need to know how to model the process of granting and periodic verification of authorizations based on best standards and market practices