Authorisation access risks under your control Access free from segregation of duties risks.

smartWorkflow - intelligent authorisation

The smartWorkflow application provides full flexibility of workflow configuration in the processes of rights management. The built-in segregation of duties risk matrix allows for a pre-emptive “what if” analysis at the stage of submission and approval of authorisation requests The system automatically assigns rights in end systems, and the friendly workflow monitors the process and sends email notifications to its participants.

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smartWorkflow is a ready-to-use solution, which will quickly fit into your organisation, ensuring that the process becomes compliant with audit requirements and recommendations. The built-in segregation of duties risk matrix allows for a preventive access risk analysis at the stage of submission and approval of access authorisation requests. The system automatically assigns rights in end systems.

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The smartGRC application is a separate stand-alone system, which can be installed in your personal environment or made available from the cloud. Installation of the system requires preparing an application server (Windows) and a database server (SQL).

The smartGRC application connects through a SAP interface dedicated to JAVA systems – a JCo connection. Standard SAP programs are used to download data from the SAP system, launched for reading data with parameters set by smartGRC.

7-12 weeks, assuming a standard process and no more than 2 levels of approval (Supervisor, Role owner).

SoD risk analysis before the approval and submission of requests. The possibility of including the decisions of other users in the simulation results – e.g. what would happen if the Owner of the ‘A’ role rejected it on the application – would the risk continue? What-if analyzes are built into the decision making process.

Yes, it can support any given system, including ones not based on ABAP technology, but in such a case it is necessary to prepare a dedicated connector, which may extend the implementation and installation process. Currently the system includes connectors to: Active Directory, Remedy, and Service desk.

smartWorkflow is an indispensable service from the perspective of security of processes and business actions executed in a SAP system. Below you may find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our solution.

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